Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stripes and Polka Dots!

At the moment I am taking my own pictures and have yet to buy a tripod for my camera so please forgive the horrible quality of these two. I'll try to get better. It seems almost impossible to get a good picture of oneself that had head to toe and looks good. 

I wore this outfit on Wednesday to work, then after work running some errands before I changed to play some b-ball...okay just a few games of 21 but I won 2 out of 3!
Shirt: Dynamite $20
Skirt: Le Chateau $60 (but I had a gift certificate from Christmas. Thanks Grannie & Grandpa!)
Tights: American Apparel $16 (doubled up for warmth)
Shoes: Platforms from Spring $20
Necklace: Aldo $20(?)
Cuff: Thrifted from Value Village $2
Earrings: Gift from Granny

I wore this to work on Friday. I was about to donate these pants but I've had a change of heart.

Sweater: American Eagle $50 (I never go in there but it was polka dots, which I love, and in the window. It was meant to be!)
Blouse: Stitches $5
Jeans: Winners $15
Ballet Flats: Browns $?(Can't remember)
Earrings: Hong Kong Street Market $2
Necklace: Aldo $5
Belt: Le Chateau $15
Cuff: Value Village $2
Ring: Made it myself in grade 10 metal work class

I promise to get better at the self photo:)



Gwen said...

I love the shirt you're wearing in the first photo. Also, I know what you mean about getting good pictures. It drives me crazy having a crappy camera and not being able to get a good picture of what I'm wearing.
By the way, the fact that you made your own ring? I think that is really cool. I wish I could make my own jewellry! :)

Girl said...

Thanks do much. You should look into some making jewellery class at your local community centre or college. Some offer a couple class or a project class. Super fun and a great way to get unique one of a kind pieces.

Jessica said...

Dont donate the pants!!

Girl said...

I won't!