Monday, February 2, 2009

Fashion Leader: Mary Kate Olsen


As a fashion leader the effects of Mary Kate Olsen are undeniable. Having started many trends not only with the public but also with other celebrities. She kicked off the Bohemian trend in a huge way with her over sized clothing choices, and bag lady ways. 

The Bohemian look was first seen on Mary Kate and her sister Ashley Olsen before heading on to the bodies of many other celebrities and general public. Large vintage looking sunglasses wear seen on Nicole Richie, and every store in every city. Large hippie skirts were seen on Sienna Miller, Kate Hudson and in the pages of Teen Vogue. 

Soon after that Mary Kate was spotted wearing Gladiator sandals that ran up her legs to her knees. Very soon they were the most have sandal of the summer. Everybody had them, in the less extreme ankle height to the extreme knee high version; you could even get them at Wal-Mart. 

More recently Mary Kate has been seen bringing back the early nineties grunge look with a more glam twist this time around. Seen around Hollywood wearing large over sized flannel plaid shirts with skinny jeans and sky-high platform booties. Only a leader could restart a look that was around not that long ago and give it new life with new legs. This time around the grunge look is more glam grunge than dirty. Having actually been in high school the first time grunge was popular I would never of thought it would make this big of a come back. 

Soon after Mary Kate was spotted wearing her ‘90s Seattle grunge rocker look other celebrities were spotted wearing similar outfits. Heidi Klum was not only spotted wearing a plaid shirt with a ruffle and skinny jeans but on a different occasion was spotting wearing plaid pants with a black tank top.


Lauren Conrad was also spotting wearing a plaid shirt with skinny jeans and strappy platform shoes.


Most important though is that designers have been picking up on this trend and using it. Phillip Lim designed a gorgeous “lumberjack” coat in a red plaid, putting a glam twist on the flannel plaid shirt of the ‘90s grunge look.


Alexander Wang’s Fall ’08 ready to wear show was full of the grunge feel, including sending the models down the runway with slouchy black togues and ripped tights on.

Fashion leaders themselves are still influenced by something, someone or some feeling in the air. The recent photos of Mary Kate suggest that she has been listening to a lot of Nirvana and maybe watching a bit to many reruns of the movie “Clueless”.  

Looking back at photos from the early nineties you can see a strong case for the fact that Mary Kate Olsen very well may be influence by Kurt Cobain for her new sense of style. 

The early nineties saw the Seattle indie grunge scene burst open for the whole world to experience, bringing the grunge fashion style with it. Grunge was more of a style that was not a style. The flannel shirt, the doc martins, and stonewashed jeans were more of a need of the region then of an attempt to make a fashion statement. The grunge look of the early nineties was a unisex blend of punk and functionality of the region of Seattle and Vancouver, whereas the grunge glam that Mary Kate has ushered in is more fashion than function. More Gucci platforms than Doc Martin boots. More plaid mini dress than flannel plaid men’s shirt. You can see the influences of Mary Kate everywhere in magazines, on street blogs, runway shows, and even on the people of this city.

Here is my version on this new Glam Grunge look. I have to say it works well with the raining weather of this great city!

Men's Plaid Shirt: Value Village $2

Tights: Bootlegger $10

Boots: Aldo $50

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Georgia said...

I'm obsessed with the grunge look. It's so easy to pull off, and so freakin comfortable. Plus, cheap. I just steal my brother's plaid shirts.