Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mini Skirts

I am totally feeling the mini skirt these days. Maybe because I am craving spring. Don't get me wrong I'm not loving the mini-mini-so-short-I-can-see-her-under-bum mini but the fun flirty mini. I mean how cute does Rihanna look in this cute flirty mini from twenty8twelve.

I love this look and in fact, I might even rock it this weekend. I know the weather in our fair city is all over the map and no, we can not be wearing tank tops already like they are in LA but throw on a pair of tights and a cropped tuxedo jacket and this is a fully Vancouver look. You can even match a cute umbrella to your outfit and it all works.  

Living in this city you just have to learn how to adapt your inspirations to your climate. I would probably add boots as well, which will not only protect my feet from the rain but will also help with the "is that a mini skirt" stares on the bus. Really through taking the bus is always tough on the fashion forward as it is mostly commuters who dress for long distance and comfort. Fashion can be comfortable people! Sorry, back to mini skirts.

Being very tall, for a girl at least, I have to be careful with hem length but a good pair of tights can take a mini from, um SHORT, to ooh fashionable. Trust me on this one. I have used this trick many many times and it has not failed me yet. Some days I think if all I had was a closet full of fabulous minis and mini dresses and a drawer of tights I would be a very happy lady! Obviously some amazing shoes would be needed as well.

Photographic proof: 

Still sometime you have to let the legs have their moment. 

Photographic proof:

I am not the only one loving the mini skirt, designers and other fashion forefronts are loving the length too. The mini skirts from Balenciaga are amazing and I want one, or to make one like it!

Here's a few other examples of the mini:

Camille, of Childhood Flames, looks awesome in this rock mini. 

The next few are good examples of how to wear a mini in colder places. You know, adding the tights, or boots with high socks, being cover on the top or things like that.

I mean Ranna, of Only Shallow, lives in Finland. If she can wear a mini in winter so can you!

Originally from Vancouver, Amber, of Painfully Hip, also has a knack for making the mini work in the weather.

So please this weekend when you are deciding what to wear I am saying put down the jeans, put away the lululemon's and try a mini with a pair of tights or if your really bold let the legs shine!


Shay said...

haha, it's impossible not to write about the weather here when considering what to wear, no? I just tend to ignore it completely and wear whatever impractical thing catches my attention in the morning. Except when it was snowing as I tended to fall on my ass in anything other than rubber boots...

Girl said...

I totally agree. I too usually just wear what I want but the snow has been a huge problem with that. Hopefully thats over with!

The Fabulous Girl said...

your dresses are gorgeous. where are they from?

Girl said...

Thanks so much. The Gold one is from True Value Vintage, it was a birthday gift. The blue and black one is from Joe Fresh(superstore) and the blue one with the sequins is from the Quick Nickel on Denman.