Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pizza party!

Last night my man and I had our first official dinner party in our new place. So much fun. Finally got to use our stainless steel banquet table that has been hanging on our wall for about a month now. Let me tell you it is HEAVY!!

Isn't it beautiful? My man though it up and it works as a piece of art and a great way to entertain. I love to entertain. I love getting the stuff, making food and appies, I love people coming over, talking, drinking wine. Everything!

Last night I made pizzas! One BBQ chicken and one shrimp and artichoke. They were awesome!

After a great meal filled with great conversions and lots of laughter it was time for the men to put the table back up on the wall. That was entertaining.

Followed by some more conversation and some after food napping.

And then it was off to sleep. Ahhh such a successful night and a great way to finish off my weekend.

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