Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Meeting Jeanne...again

I love Jeanne Beker so when I received an email that she would be at the Bay again I jump at the chance to go see her. She is wonderful. So grounded and down to earth. Listening to her talk about the fashion industry is fun and inspiring. She also showed off the new pieces of her line, Edit, which is really a well edited collection of pieces for the busy working women who needs comfort and style all in one.

I love this look. Simple yet dramatic.

One thing that Jeanne said that really stuck out to me was how fashion is what we are given, style is what we choose. Sometimes writing this blog, reading all the other blogs, trying to keep up with the magazines and show I forget that I don't have to wear it all. I can pick and choose and skip things that I don't really love or that don't suit me. I love my legs and I tried to buy a pair of wide leg trouser jeans just to return them two days later knowing that I would never wear them. When I asked Jeanne about personal style she said she loves her legs so always wears a legging, skinny jeans or tights and dresses. I want to be like THANK YOU for reminding me.

When I finally got to the front and got my chance to meet Jeanne(again) I was stunned when she said "You know, you ask great question."! Coming from the interviewer herself I was over joyed! It only made my confidence soar and inspire me to want to ask more people more questions.

All in all meeting Jeanne was a great experience and I can't wait for her to come back again. You know I'll be there front row with a tons of new questions.

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