Thursday, August 18, 2011

Putting it on....

Every morning you have to get dress, right? Well yesterday morning I got dressed in this. No real reason behind it. Just felt like wearing a dress and looking polished.
Dress: Thrifted, Community
Shoes: Thrifted, Queenie Consignment
Necklace: Can't remember, I've had it forever
Ring: Made it myself in high school metal work class
Earring: Gift from my Grandmother

I wore this to runs some errands, stop by my man's office, head into work and such. It is simple but pretty and most importantly I felt great in it. You should always feel great in what you are wearing, if you don't maybe its not the look for you and that is something that took me years to figure out. Now I listen to my gut. Trust me you'll feel great listening to your gut.

Almost forgot to mention that last night I did a photo shoot for one of the design students from Vancouver Community College. I can't wait to share the photos with you guys so stay tuned for those!


Anonymous said...

Nice look, Stylish and smart, and Rusty fits in very nicely.

Girl said...

Lucky for me he goes with all my outfits!