Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nine West

I recently bought a pair of Nine West shoes at a pop up shop on Main St and have been obsessed with the brand ever since. I had always thought that they only sold "old lady" shoes, wow was I wrong. I saw this pair from across the room and knew I had to have them. Good thing they were my size.

Now the reason I have become obsessed with the brand is not only is this pair beautiful, they are insanely comfortable! I couldn't believe it. So much built in padding, the heels isn't crazy high and even if the heel was high the ratios are all right making it comfortable to walk!

This weekend I went on a hunt to find the perfect pair of going out dancing shoes, that I would also be comfortable in. Well I found them and of course, NINE WEST! They are a beautiful pair of black wedge booties that would work with minis, dresses and skinny jeans. There was only one problem....the price: $195. I currently can not afford them but I found them at the Bay, all I have to do is wait for the right sale and those babies will be mine. Too bad because I could totally wear them out this weekend...hum

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