Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day: Part 1

I LOVE VALENTINE'S DAY! I know, I know, you think of course you do, you are a girl. Honestly I love all little holidays, St Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day, all of them! Now back to why I love Valentine's Day. I am a hopeless romantic. I love the flowers, the cards, the candy hearts, the cinnamon hearts, wearing pink or wearing red, ALL OF IT. So here is the first of my red outfits for the day: 

Jacket: Zara
Top: Joe Fresh
Skirt: so old can not remember
Tights: The Bay
Boot: Hunter

Went to lunch with my friend Brittany after making banana muffins at her place. Nothing like Valentine's Day chicken strips. Next up dinner with the new man. I have no idea where we are going as he will not tell me. If you think this outfit has a lot of red wait till you see my dinner look.


xo Girl


Allen said...

A really delightful pic,your red Wellingtons match your Top and go well with your black Tights.

Heidi said...

LOVE your boots, and I'm with you on the romantic side of everything :D This was my first legitimate valentines day and it was fabulous! Hope yours was wonderful!!