Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mad Hatter

Sometimes after buying something fabulous it take me a bit to figure out how to wear it or more importantly where to wear it. This was not the case yesterday. I wanted to wear my new fedora so bad that I looked for an outfit to wear it with to run errands around town in. I found it on "My Style Pill"

This is one of my favourite things about all the amazing style bloggers out there. When stuck for what to wear, how to wear or how to remix you take a quick spin through your favourite blogs and bam, inspiration! I saw this picture and thought I have these pieces and I love this look, that is what I am going to wear today!

Hat: Le Chateau
Jacket: H&M
Sweatshirt: Urban Planet
Jeans: Small Town, Dutil Denim
Boots: Le Chateau
Scarf: Roxy
Bag: Le Chateau

I really loved this outfit. It was totally my style and great for running around while still looking stylish. Thanks Christine for the inspiration. Tell me who is your inspiration?

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