Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Original Tandoori King

I don't know about you guys but I do not have a car. I take the bus, skytrain, ride my bike or walk. I find I do not need a car, but there are moments. Like Sunday night when a group of my friend and I head out for Indian Food. We were told we had to go to the Original Tandoori King which is right next to the Tandoori King. I'm thinking "ok so it on Kingsway near 49th...ish." NO! It is at Fraser and 65th! I would not even know how to get there by transit. Thankfully I have friends with cars! Oh and it was TOTALLY worth the trek, I would even figure out how to get there on transit and go again!

Here is what I wore:

Jacket: Le Chateau $40
Blouse: H&M $20
Jeans: Zara $50
Boots: Winners $50
Purse: Thrifted $2


Ali said...

Correction: We went to the Original Tandoori Kitchen, which is around the corner from Tandoori King. My fault for the mixup!

Dee said...

Now I need a leopard-print blouse!
I know the feeling of never really needing a car, except for when It's 3 am and you have to take the bus back home, and then walk for about 6 more blocks, in the cold, in heels.

Anonymous said...

Great blog! I love that you share prices with us as well :)