Saturday, August 15, 2009

Friday Night Drinks

Every Friday after work a "gang" of us commandeer a table and have food and drinks. It started about a month ago and has turned into a little ritual that I really look forward too. Its a great way to end off the week. I like to dress well on the way to and from work anyways but now on Fridays I up the game a little as you never know where the night will take you...even though it usually take me dancing! Here is what I wore this Friday:

Cardigan: GAP $50 (the only thing I have ever bought at the GAP)
Blouse: H&M $15
Pants: H&M $10
Shoes: Army&Navy $10
Belt: H&M $15
Purse: Vintage Gift from my friend, Dusty
Earrings: Le Chateau $10
Ever Present Ipod Touch: Christmas Gift from my friend, Justin

Photos taken out in the back alley behind my work! Glam and Grunge!

What a ritual you look forward too?

xoxo Girl

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