Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier and Diet Coke

There are tons of collaborations with fashion designers and the rest of the consumer world. One of the stranger ones I have seen recently is between Jean Paul Gaultier and Diet Coke. Something you don't know about me is that I NEVER drink diet coke. I have read too many articles about aspartame and the effects it has one your body to want to drink it. I feel that having one Coke and then drinking water for the rest of the day is better than drinking diet all day long. That being said these mini movies with Jean Paul and some puppets are amazing. Kinda creepy but so cool. I hope he makes more episodes!

Episode 1)

Episode 2) This one is my favourite.

Episode 3)

What do you guys think of these? While I was looking for them on Google I notice a few articles bashing them for exploiting women and being extremely creepy. I, personally, think that people need to chill. Enjoy them for the creative commercial that they are. So different than the normal boring ones we see on tv everyday. Also it JEAN PAUL! This what he does! Nothing is completely normal with him and people should be ready for anything he brings to the table. I think they are fantastic!

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