Friday, June 24, 2011


This weekend my man and I are heading over to Vancouver Island to go camping with my folks at Great Central Lake. The weather is not looking great but I have  my fingers crossed for sunshine! All I want to do is jump off the dock into the water at least once. On top of that things I am looking forward to for this weekend are:

-campfires! (mostly for roasting marshmallows)
-wakeboarding, I have been wakingboarding for a few years now and I quite enjoy it.
-riding bikes. My man is a super mountain biker, I plan to try to keep up.
-seeing my mom, we laugh a lot together.
-being away. I love my city and I love hustle and bustle but everyone needs some quiet sometimes.

Usually when I travel I am a terrible over packer but this time I have packed the smallest amount of items possible. I am after all going camping.

-one pair of shorts
-one pair of jeans
-2 tanks
-2 tees
-a long sleeve tee
-a sweater
-3 bathing suits
-a pair of flipflops

All tossed into the beautiful bag my man got me for my birthday. I think the reason I normally over pack is because I never know what I am going to want to wear or what we plan on doing. Camping takes out all the thoughts of  "Maybe I need a pair of heels?" or "Do I need a fancy going out dress?". No one at a campsite thinks "She wore that same sweater last night." You're too busy eating snacks, playing game, drinks beers, and laughing. So here's to a weekend of non fashion, every fashionista needs one!

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Heidi said...

Agreed!! Camping is definitely about packing light (you can over do it on the bathing suits because they just fit in the cracks!) Have fun :)