Monday, June 20, 2011

The Branch: Pop Up Shop

Awhile ago I wrote a post about how I was trying to over haul my closet. I had completed step one of getting rid of all the things that were worn out, I didn't wear or that I shouldn't wear. I had found some holes and I was trying to fill them. Thing is I am on a budget, I can't just go out and buy everything I need or want all at one time. So the refilling my closet has been slow going and slightly frustrating.

Yesterday I headed out to Main St Car Free day with the hopes of finding a new day dress. I have almost none and I really want some dresses to wear during the day, not just fancy dress up ones.

Luck would have it that I see this great dress on a bust form outside of a new pop up shop, The Branch. The dress was only $58 dollars which is totally in my budget range. I am willing to spend up to about $100 on dress because I read that you should be willing to spend the amount on a dress that is equal to the amount of a pair of pant and a top. It make sense since the dress covers your whole body.
Dress: Chico $58 (belt included), Shoes: Nine West(used) $28, Clutch: H&M $16

I tried the dress on and it is love! It can be dressed up or down which is perfect for those summer days  that lead straight into summer nights. Then I notice everything in the store is an extra 20% off because of Car Free Day. Bonus! And just when you think it can't get better it does! In the one corner of the store they have gently used items and I spot a pair of Nine West Heels that have clearly never been worn for $28 dollars, and the go perfectly with the dress. Whole outfit costs me $77 dollars.What a find!

Lets just say I'll be back there for sure! They will be at 3731 Main St till the end of summer so go check them out for yourself and maybe you will just as lucky as me!


sam s said...

Hi ,
You are looking really gorgeous in this pictures. And looking very awesome .

Anonymous said...

The outfit looks great Tiff! I'm very glad to know the shoes are being put into good use.

Thank you for mentioning us in your blog post!

Take Care,