Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years Eve

For New Year's Eve my man, some friends and I headed out to the Blarney Stone. We actually went there last year as well. Its a great place, you always have fun and for new years tickets it fairly inexpensive. Only 35 dollars. Plus you get a party hat and champagne. Also you get to listen to the hardest working band in Vancouver. My man and I are both part Irish so we like to say that we want to celebrate with family. Before going to the Blarney Stone we went over to my man's brother's place to have a little pre-midnight champagne. It was really great to see them on New Years Eve.

I didn't want to go out and spend a lot on a new outfit for the night so I took some pieces I already had and just add some life. The only new thing I got for the night was the skirt which was a steal at H&M. H&M is having a huge boxing week sale right now that I really suggest you check out. I even saw men's dress shirts for 20 dollars. 

Top: H&M $15
Skirt: H&M $20
Shoes: Aldo $25
Earrings: Le Chateau $10
Cuff: Value Village $2
Watch: Value Village $30
Belts: H&M $12(for 2)
Tiara: Free (from the Blarney Stone)

For the travel between my warm apartment to the warm bar I just tossed on my shrunken tuxedo jacket that I got a while back. Love that jacket, it goes with so many outfits.

Here is a close up the shoes. Aren't they fabulous? I love how they have ever color in them. I seem  to always name my clothes, like I have my carrie dress, my bond dress and these will be my gas slick shoes. Do they not look it when the road is wet and there is that bit of gas where a car was park gleaming with all the colors. Its not good for the environment but it looks really cool.

Here is what my friends wore to ring in the new year. First my man: 

Shirt: Mexx (xmas gift from his bro and fiance)
Cords: ?
Vans: Gravity Pope $60
Cuff Links: Aldo (xmas gift from me)
Watch: A Canucks watch, a non tacky one (from my parents)
Hat: Free (from the Blarney Stone)




I really love New Years Eve, not for the big hype it gets but for the fact that everyone dresses up just a little and it you get to kiss lots of people at midnight. Plus how often can you post a picture like this on your blog?

Happy New Year Everyone!


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