Friday, January 2, 2009

Faux Fur

A couple days ago I headed out for breakfast with my friend Taryn before work. The night before some of the girls I work with and I had talked about when I was in Vernon for some of my holidays that I had brought my vintage faux fur coat with me but I never got a chance to wear it. The coat is super warm and it was freezing in Vernon. The coat is also a little fashion forward for Vernon. So I thought I would test it out on Robson St. Turns out it might be a bit much for Vancouver too. 

Now I was wondering if it is the coat in general or is it because people think I am wearing fur? First off it is my grandmother's coat from the '60s. My grandfather bought it for her when they lived in Kamloops. It does not look like real fur to me but I could see how someone walking by might think it is real. I personally don't have a problem with vintage furs, they have already been made and worn. Just throwing them away does not reverse the fact that an animal dead. Where as I am not a fan of buying a new fur, its seem unnecessary to me. I also do not try to force my beliefs on anyone else, not about fur, not about how you eat, not about anything. I think anyone has the right to choose how they believe. I also expect this in return and that is where I find the problem.

A lot of people feel that if they believe something, like wearing fur is evil and wrong, that they have the right to push it on you. I only hope I am not wearing my faux fur and get harshly confronted. I will stand up for myself and my coat, because not only is it a nice coat but I would love to pass it on to my own child or grandchild, it would be unfair for a stranger to take that away from me. But it is not just faux fur coats that get strange looks from the average bus rider, and what I really hope to pass on to my child, grandchild, is the knowledge that you can be whoever you choose to be, not everyone will like it but who you are is important and worth standing up for. Be it it dressing however you want, or to the more serious like loving whomever you want, and that I will stand with them. 

So how do you feel about fur, faux or real? And how do you feel about your fellow bus riders? So today as you go about your day love your fellow bus riders a little more and judge them a little less. Happy New Year!

Faux Fur Coat: Vintage (Pass down)
Shirt: Joe Fresh $10
Tank: American Apparel (Free from a photo shoot)
Jeans: Joe Fresh $30
Shoes: Aldo $60
Belt: Joe Fresh $6
Necklace: Vintage(Thrifted at Rock Vintage) $9

xo Girl


G said...

It's great that you are wearing faux fur instead of real fur.

As for people "pushing" their beliefs, wouldn't you speak out against someone abusing children? Why is it different if the one being abused is an animal?

Maria said...

I have a couple of coats passed down to me from my late grandmother, both of them which are definitely real fur. I have never worn them in public, mostly because they are way too voluminous for my taste, but also because I feel like if I do I will be scorned on the streets. I'm definitely against animal cruelty and the irresponsible practice of killing animals for their fur, but as you said, if the deed is done then you're more like recycling and making use of the garment rather than being wasteful and throwing it away solely on principle. That said, I suggest you check out this site. It's pretty much the Fur Council of Canada trying to convince people to support Canadian trappers and to not completely shun the idea of a new fur jacket, which sounds like they are acting on their own interests. It makes very good points, however, like the fact that faux fur, which most people would think is better than real fur on an environmentalist basis, is actually quite harmful to the environment since it's mainly composed of petrochemicals which are majorly polluting from production to the point when they are discarded. Something to think about.

Trains and Sewing Machines said...

First of all, love the new title picture! It is fab.

I kinda feel the same way about fur-faux or otherwise...I would prefer to wear faux fur if I would wear it at all, and I've seen a lot of other bloggers rocking the fur coats this winter and I have seen many on a rack at the local thrift store I frequent and think that this would be heaven on a rack for some people and I really just don't think I could do it. I also agree with you about not pushing things onto other people. Everyone is intitled to their own opinion and do not have to agree with everyone else but I do believe in the element of respect that you are referring to. Some people just don't get it.
Anyway, sorry for the rambling. Thanks for the thoughts. I think the coat looks good :)

Una said...

Hey that evern looks like a mouton coat, which is sheepskin coat except they fur isn't sheared from it. Sheep, along with cows and other domesticated animals are slaughtered for their meat every day and are also used to make shoes and leather jackets. Nobody who eats meat or wears leather shoes has any right to judge someone wearing mouton -- faux mouton at that! Political correctness has reached somewhat terrifying proportions, hasn't it?