Thursday, September 11, 2008

BCIT Information Session

So I am thinking of heading back to school, to do this I must first decide what to take and where. Off to a BCIT information session for Broadcast Journalism I go. And this is what I wore...

Vest: Stitches $10
Tee: Jacob $20
Jeans: Old Navy $40
Shoes: Aldo $80
Tie: Thrifted on Main St $2
Ring: True Value Vintage $5

I felt so nervous and like I was going to be much too old but I wasn't and I actually got to learn a old about the program. If anyone has taken it please let me know what your thoughts and experiences were.


Ed Araquel said...

I applaud your thinking. :)

Have you seen this blog?

Civilized Spice said...

Love the outfit... Very Gossip Girl. I'm going to rock the tie / white t-shirt angle tonight.

Civilized Spice said...

PS... We've added you to our blogroll...

Anonymous said...

the vest is so pretty!
when are they out? seasonwise or monthwise?