Monday, June 2, 2008

Sex and The City

This movie may have been the biggest female blockbuster ever. I do not have proof of this but I would wager a lot on that being a fact. Okay, I will guess that maybe "Gone with the Wind" was a bigger "chick flick" but not in this generation! I was there and I was dressed for it! As were 90% of the other women who were there. It was amazing to see that many well dressed woman in one place. This movie sold out for the whole weekend in Vancouver before it even opened! I personally was so excited to see it I bought tickets on the wednesday before! Its not just that I wish I lived in New York City, and yes more specifically Manhattan, yes I wish I had her wardrobe, and I have always wanted to be a fashion writer so my heart is close to Carrie's being a writer too, but it is also that a lot of my friends refer to me as the "Carrie" of our group. If you disagree that is totally understandable but I have to say it makes me feel like I can be even more creative with my clothes. Here is the first outfit for "Sex and the City" day.

Tank Top: American Apparel $free from a modeling job
Vest: Sirens $10.00
Pants: Winners $40.00
Shoes: Thrifted at Value Village $9.00
Earrings: Spring $7.00
Necklace: Thrifted at Value Village $1.00
Flower: (Just for Carrie) Le Chateau $9.00
Cuff: Thrifted at Value Village $2.00
Ring: True Value Vintage $5.00
Purse: Thrifted on Main St, by my friend Dusty, Christmas gift
And this is what I wore to the movie. Now I have to point out that this picture was taken at 1:30 in the morning and that I cried at the movie, so yes I am pale and washed out but the outfit is great!
Jacket: Le Chateau $30.00
Dress: Thrifted at Mintage for $30.00
Shoes: Aldo $40.00 (my 25th birthday present to myself)
Flower: Le Chateau $9.00
Purse: Thrifted on Main St
It was a great movie and I will see it again, and buy it when it comes out but I almost wish they had left it alone. Parts of it were sad, I will not ruin it for those of you who ave not seen it but I cried. I think that the way the show finished was perfect. It was such a great finish with Carrie saying "But if you find someone to love the you, you love...well thats just fabulous" that I personally don't think the movie was needed. I loved the clothes and I loved the girls but I would have been just as happy if it had ended with her phone ringing and saying "John"


yiqin; said...

I love it! Very Sex & the city! I am more of a Miranda and SAMANTHA person!! =X I think Smith is really hot! Yes, this might be the biggest blockbuster for girls. Whenever I am sad, I turn to Sex & the city! Hahaha

Maria said...

Wow, I love that girls are dressing up for the occasion. I'd never heard of something like that happening for a movie! I think it's awesome. It's about time Vancouverites start dressing up a little for events and outings. I once saw a guy wearing cargo shorts and socks with sandals to an opening night at the Playhouse (I can't remember which play it was). He looked quite foolish, but I can't say he looked too out of place, unfortunately. I'm going to see the movie this Tuesday and I can't wait. I will definitely whip up my best New York look!

Anonymous said...

Biggest female blockbuster? Have you forgotten about White Chicks? I rest my case.

P.S. I'm a Charlotte.

Girl said...

White Chicks, how could I have forgotten that! And yes you are totally a Charlotte:)