Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wine and Cheese Party

I hosted a wine and cheese party at my place on saturday. I suggested that people get a little be dressed up, cocktail party style. It was a great succes and a blast was had by all.

Dress: Zachary's Smile $25.00 on sale from $75
Shoes: Aldo Collection $25.00 on sale from $120
Cuff: Value Village $2.00

Both the shoes and the dress were on sale. A great day of great scores!

I was also so excited to see that others dressed up too!

Ali in a cute blue dress, Nicole in a black blouse with matching skinny jeans, Malise in a wild zebra dress and Me.
Dusty in a vintage suit and Nathan in dress pants and shirt with stand out red tie.

Nathan and Nicole being the hot couple you are...helps when you work at H&M...right Nicole!

I'm upset that I don't have a better picture of My man, Matt, Jenn and Lindsay dresses up. This was the best I could find! Also my brother and his wife were there and they looked good but I know they are not fans of having there picture taken so I did not post one of them. Thanks to all who came and had such a great time. PS Katie we missed you!

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Anonymous said...

I think you should teach Nate how to tie a four-in-hand knot with a middle crease. Also, how to make the tie long enough to hit the belt buckle.