Monday, February 4, 2008

CinCin for Dine Out

Wore this out and about after work on thursday before heading out to dinner with my Man at CinCin. I got this t-shirt when I was a kid. I went to this Dance School and I begged my parents to get me the t-shirt. It has all the names of the kids on it and I wanted to have my name. Well they did, they surpised me with it after a performancel, it was amazing. At the time it went past my knees and was huge! It finally fits now and it all worn in to that perfect vintage t-shirt feel.

Sweater: The Gap
T-Shirt: Kidco Dance Company from when I was a kid.
Jeans: Rewind Denim
Boots: B2
Bag Aldo
Earrings: Hong Kong Night Market
Cuff: Thrifted

That night when we went out for dinner at CinCin I got a little more dressed up. CinCin a great resturant, a lot of stars go there when they are in Vancouver. I had never been but had always wanted to try it. For Dine Out Vancouver CinCin was on the $35 dollar list. Three courses for $35. It was great! Plus they have a martini called Coco Chanel. You know I had to try it and it was the best martini I have ever had! I will be going back even if its just for the Coco Chanel!

Earrings: Le Chataeu
Cropped Jacket: Lust on sale $18.00
Tank Top: Urban Behavior $5.00
Jeans:Rewind Denim
Shoes: Le Chataeu
Clutch: Thrifted $3.00
Cuff: Thrifted

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