Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Punk Pearl Necklace

My style is not straight up classic. If I'm going to wear a pearl necklace I need it to be a little off, have a little edge to it, a little bit rockstar. So when I saw this necklace on Pinterest I wanted to make it instantly.

Bonus it cost me roughly $3.00 to pull it off. I simply took an old pearl necklace I already had but never wore and added gold safety pins from Dressew. Each box of safety pins was $1.25. I can wait to wear this necklace for my friend Bobbie's birthday dinner tomorrow night. What do you guys think?


Aisha S said...

Oh sweet, at first I couldn't even tell this was a DIY project. Looks awesome!

Tiffany Riley said...

Ahh thank you!