Sunday, January 20, 2013

Gluten Free Pancakes!


Ok so for those of you who don't know in October I was diagnosed as Celiac. A quick explanation: Celiac means I have an auto immune disease and ANY gluten in my body as life long side effects. If I was intolerant I could eat gluten and I would feel sick but there would be any last effect, where as Celiac means that if you eat it you can have serious health issues. If you want more information click here to learn more.

For my day to day life it means that it has changed EVERYTHING about how I eat, and drink. I have been googling and pinning and reading new cookbooks and researching left, right, and center. This morning I finally got around to making these blueberry "pancakes". They are FANTASTIC! There is only 3 ingredients  they are good for you and taste just like flour pancakes! I will be making them over, and over again!

Now I know what your thinking so what are they made of? One banana, one egg and the blueberries. THAT'S IT!

You mash up a banana, add an egg, mix, put in pan, sprinkle with blueberries, brown on both side and serve up with a little syrup. So good. I think I would add some flax next time to add a little fibre but they are so good.

HERE is the blog I got the recipe from. Try them and let me know what you think.


Sonya said...

Fab Gluten Free Pancakes! I'm definitely going to give the simple recipe a go.

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