Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Queensberry Flower Company

Do you love flowers? I know I do. I love a couple kinds more than other but in general I love flowers. The real ones, that is. Any of my friends will tell you in a heartbeat that I basically refuse to wear them on my body, as patterns, but real flowers warm my heart everytime.

Now the exciting part is that friend who is very dear to my heart it opening her own flower shop tomorrow. I am so happy for her, you think I like flowers, she LOVES them. She is also very talented with flowers! She makes beautiful arrangements and has ideas I would never think of when it comes to plants and floral.

Her shop, Queensberry Flower Company, opens up Thursday November 19, in the Granville Skytrain Station at the top of the escalators closest to The Bay. Please come and check it out. It is the big red stall, and I hear there will be sexy men handing out roses for the ladies. Also Gentlemen if you are looking for the perfect bouquet for your lovely lady, this is the place to get one she has never seen before. So I hope to see you all there tomorrow. Tell her Girl in the City sent you. I know I'll be there to see this dream come to life. I hope you will too.

See you there,

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