Thursday, July 23, 2009

FASHION Magazine and Holt Renfew Contest

Hey Everyone!

I have been chosen for round two of the Fashion Lovelies Contest through Fashion Magazine and I really want to win! But to do that I need your help. I need you to click on the link and then click on me. Every click is a vote so don't click on anyone else! Thank you so much for voting for me in advance!



Trains and Sewing Machines said...

Done and done :) I love the bright color or the dress with the polka dots

tonyd said...

Hey Tiff go for it girl you look great

Melissa~ said...

I love the color of your dress, so bright!
And your shoes of course!
I really like your blog :)

Glitter Scrubs said...

I really like your belt! I'm not sure if you've posted it before, but where did you get it?

Girl said...

I got the belt at H&M awhile back but they might still have it