Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Round Two, BABY!!!

I know that my last post was about hockey as well but its everywhere! This beautiful city is EXPLODING with Canuck Fever! And its about to get worse! Your Vancouver Canucks have made it into the second round, now all they have to do is sweep that too. 

Everytime this happens people descend upon Robson St and have their own unofficial Canucks fan parade. So on my way home from class I stop by to see and of course there they were. I would have been watching the game if not for class and last time I was there in the parade. They drive up and down the street with flags and jersey galore, this time even brooms. You know for sweeping the series! It is amazing to see the joy of the fans and the city coming together for the team!

Go, Canucks, Go!!!

Shirt: Tourist Shop on Robson $35
Skirt: H&M $24
Tight: American Apparel $16
Shoes: Spring $20 (discounted, thanks MG)
Suspenders: Le Chateau Mens $15
Necklace: ?
Cuff: Value Village $2


Shay said...

haha, that is the perfect Canucks fan outfit, I love it!!

Anonymous said...

I love your suspenders!