Wednesday, April 8, 2009

NHL and Vogue


So in the things that I would call crazy column is the NHL and VOGUE collaboration that I learned about in class last night. I'm sure it is not new news for the fashionistas of the world that over the summer Sean Avery of the New York Rangers did an internship at Mens Vogue. What is crazy is one of the reasons behind the internship. Yes, Avery was quoted " I am in love with fashion" but turns out that its is also a way to sell tickets to the games. 

In the States not a lot of women go to hockey games and the NHL thought that having a hot young player intern at at an amazing fashion magazine was a great way to get a whole new demography of women to paid top dollar to go watch hockey game, therefore boosting the lacking ticket sales! In turn Vogue was hoping to sell more issues of Mens Vogue to hockey minded men. 

I think its amazing, because apparently its WORKING! At a recent Rangers game some true fashionistas were spotted hanging out in one of the sport boxes, Carmen Kass and Chloe Sevigny to name a couple. I couldn't find a picture of this as hard as I tried to look for it in google so if anyone has it, please let me know! 

We all know that maybe this did not work out so well for Mens Vogue as it fell to the recession but maybe if it makes a comeback this will be a way to help sales. 

To me personally it doesn't make me want to watch more games but I think that being Canadian I already watch a lot of the games! Not trying to generalize but maybe as Canadian women grow up with the game we already want to support our NHL team! I know I do, and I definitely consider myself a fashionista. Also I think that if they were going to pick someone to be a figure head for the NHL  Sean Avery is not a good choice, he is an ass! I mean who else gets suspended from their team for making rude comments about their ex girlfriend (Canadian Elisa Cuthbert) to the press? This is not a man I would want to know, EVER! 

So let me know what you think about this strange collaboration. I  look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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Kayla said...

I had formed my opinions on him after his first set of comments. He's a jerk, who probably thinks he's better than he really is. So when I heard that he was joining Men's vouge to intern I figured it had to be some sort of stunt to help him ride on the attention after the comments. Or maybe to increase sales. For a brief moment I thought maybe he just really did like fashion, but to intern at his age? and with such little experience? I quickly remember his comments and went back to believing it was a stunt.

Thanks for the update! I hadn't heard anything since they first announced his position.