Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pride Parade

If you have never been to the Vancouver Pride Parade I highly suggest next year you get together your most colorful outfit and come watch it! It is simply amazing! I love all the color and fun, the city shines so brightly that day! Here is what I wore,

Dress: Thrifted at Mintage $30
Shoes: Old Navy $5
Purse: Tod's street market in Hong Kong
Bracelet: Not Sure


Anthea said...

That dress is stunning! I have never found anything like that at Mintage.

Girl said...

Thats weird. I always find something there.

Katie said...

somehow I stumbled across your blog.. It's awesome.. You remind me of myself.. I'm 25, live in van, love fashion (and anything outdoors), live with my boyfriend and my cat.. haha. strangeeee! Anyways, just wanted to leave a mark and not just blog-stalk ;)