Monday, September 3, 2012

Catching Up

Sorry I have been away for so long, I had a bit of an accident and have been laying low. But all is well now and here are some picture to catch you up!

Yup I got a serious hair cut!

Rusty was a bit worried about me

Saw a Lions Game

Helped my brother move and got to hang out with Brooklyn, my niece.

Radfest time!

Emily and Ali at Radfest

Cider and Beer Night

Prototype of the lookbook I am working on.

Back Cover

Sewing on a label on a sample

Had my last shift at Cactus Club

I love sparkle

Dinner at Tacofino




How I spent Labour Day weekend.

Also Irene and the ladies of the boat, if you are reading this email me at
I tried to email you back and it got returned to me!

Hope everyone had a great end of summer!