Monday, August 13, 2012

Photo Shoot Time

Last week was CRAZY! I was busy all day everyday! Photo shoots, tradeshows, two jobs, a going away party, and so much more.

The photo shoot was a blast! We shot for two different lookbooks in two days. I organized the whole thing and on the day played art director. After years of modeling and doing make-up it was nice to get to over see the whole process and look. It was also a blast to work with my friends, Robyn, Anna and Rosa. All my years at Cactus Club have helped me to become friends with a ton of different models, actresses and just all around great people. Here are a few snaps from it.

Robyn in Tana + bee
Anna in Tana + bee
Anna in Tana + bee
Robyn in Tana + bee
Rosa in Sumner & Ella
Rosa in Sumner & Ella
Thanks again ladies. I had a blast!


Troy said...

This is your favorite server from the bay(the darkest one ;) ). Keep up the blog!

troy said...

Forgot to leave a contact but I had some questions regarding the photo shoot

Tiffany Riley said...

Hey Troy,

How are you? You can email me at

What questions do you have?