Saturday, July 7, 2012

5 things to do this weekend!

I am so excited for all this sun that I can't decide which summer activities to do this weekend. Here are 5 ideas.

1) Farmer's Market:

I love farmer's markets. The one in Kits is on Sundays and I love riding my bike over there and filling up my basket with fresh produce for the upcoming week. I'll be there on Sunday for sure. Check out this website for the farmer's market closest to you!

UPDATE: Ending up hitting up the West End farmer's market this morning. So good. Yellow beets, Little Qualicum Cheeseworks cheese, kale and some baby potatoes. Can't wait to make dinner!!

2) Third Beach:

One of Vancouver's best beaches is Third Beach. Grab a friend or two, some eats, and ride your bikes out there for an afternoon of sun and relaxation. You will not be disappointed. I might head out there Saturday afternoon.

3) Gelatio:

I adore Gelatio! True I usually get lemon and raspbery...ok always get lemon and raspberry but you don't have too. With the heat we are going to have this weekend some gelatio is a must! In Vancouver you have tons of different places to choose from and I have never experience on that wasn't good. Maybe this weekend I'll branch out and try a new flavour.....

4) Hit up a Patio:

Anyone who knows me knows I love patios. I will sit on a patio in the middle of winter if there is even the tiniest beam of sunlight on it. So you know I will be heading to a patio at some point this weekend. I have been meaning to go to The Pirate Pub on the seawall under the Burrard St bridge since I moved into my new place a week ago. Its is about 4 mins away. I think this weekend might the weekend.

5) Vancouver Canadians Game:

I can not wait to go to a Vancouver Canadians game. I'm not a huge fan of baseball or watching it on tv but take me out to a ball game!! Who doesn't love sitting in the sun with some friends, having a cold beer and cheering (yelling at) the ball players. I say sign me up!

Bonus if you go on certain nights they have fireworks at the end of the game!

Now go and enjoy this weekend full of sun.

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