Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Alexander McQueen was one of my favourite designers and I was upset over the lose of him and his amazing creations when he passed. It was in fact noticed by a few of my co-workers that in the middle of the olympics I was a bit depressed at work that day. 

For my 29th birthday this year I received the best gift ever from my man! Seriously! I was given the Alexander McQueen Skull Print Scarf, in red! Red being my favourite colour! This gift could not have been more perfect and with better timing! I love it and I want to wear it every single day. Now don't worry I have found my camera and I will get pictures of my beautiful scarf and post them ASAP, but for now here is a few from google.

What's your most perfect gift?

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*summerbreeze9 said...

Aww'that is indeed one perfect gift! I loved Alexander McQueen too and also felt a bit upset after him passing away!
my best gift ever were Kings Of Leon concerttickets, I'm a huge fan and they were soldout and I was SO depressed than me stepfather had them rapped and as a complete suprise he gave them to me a couple of nights before the show, most perfect gift!
I love your blog btw!!