Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm Back!

I finally got my internet all hooked up and ready to go! I can't believe I actually survived more than 2 weeks without it!

So unless you have been living under a rock you know that the Winter Olympics have taken over my city. I thought that I was going to hate it, the people, the hassles, and such, but I LOVE IT!! This city is so alive right now! I kind of wish it could be like this all the time!

There has been a lot of late nights and a lot of hard work but this time is so much fun! The Canadian pride alone makes my heart sing, but on top of that the world is getting to see my beautiful city and I love it!

When: Tuesday, Febuary 16, 2010

Where: All Over Vancouver!

What: Jacket: H&M $50
Shirt: Joe Fresh $20
Top: Old Navy $20
Pants: H&M $50
Boots: B2 $300
Scarf: Free from work
Gloves: Dollar Store
Flag: Winners
Purse: Thrifted $2
Hairband: LuLuLemon $10

Why:While wandering all over Vancouver on an Olympic tour for the day I wanted to be warm, stylish and show of my true colours. The layering really helped with the bit of cold on the sunny day and while watching the Canadian Men's Hockey game the red was helpful in cheering for my country!

I find I have been trying to wear some red every day to show my love for my country and even at work I am rocking the red lipstick.

What are you doing to show your support?


A L said...

I found some white fabric, gonna make a 'Vancouver' bandana.

deaceofgarston said...

welcome back girl

Girl said...


and Thanks!