Sunday, October 18, 2009

Your Everyday Stylist

My friend Jen recently launched her much anticipated website and it is awesome! You have to check it out. Its called Your Everyday Stylist and she is here to solve all your fashion dilemma's. Jen is a fashion stylist and loves to make people look their best so she is now putting it out there on the internet for anyone who needs help with their look. And trust me she is GOOD! So if you know anyone who wants help shopping or getting the answer to any fashion questions, send them Jen's way!


Anonymous said...


AlexL said...

Hey there. Just stumbled on your blog while free-associating around the google machine. Good stuff, keep it up. Makes me pine for Vancouver again. Oh, and I dig your style too. I see a lot of girls doing the vintage 80s look and usually it just looks homely. You make it look comely.


Girl said...

Thanks so much Alex. Its always nice to hear that you are getting the look you are going for.